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Signs That It Is Time for You to Visit a Chiropractor

A chiropractor is usually just thought of as someone that will help you manage neck and back pain, but the truth is that there are a whole host of physical symptoms and problems that a chiropractor can help you deal with. 

Chiropractic care is essential for treating various problems relating to the bones and joints of the body and the nerves in the spine. The spinal cord is extremely delicate, and any problems in the spine can present various physical symptoms that you may not immediately connect to the source. 

Let’s take a look at some signs that your body may be giving you to let you know that it is time to visit a chiropractor:

You Have Frequent Headaches

If you have frequent headaches or suffer migraines every now and then, you may not immediately make the connection between them and have to see a chiropractor. While pain medication is often prescribed, headaches can be related to pain in the neck, nerve compression, and limited flow of oxygen to the brain, which a chiropractor would be able to help you with. 

You Experience Joint and Muscle Pain 

Chiropractic practice is not just limited to neck and back pain. Pain in the joints and muscles can be a result of misalignment in your skeletal structure. A chiropractor can fix this misalignment and help increase blood flow and nerve function to reduce the pain. 

You Have a Limited Range of Motion 

If you have trouble bending down to put on your shoes or can’t seem to turn your neck to a certain side, chances are you could benefit from chiropractic adjustments to realign any bones and joints that have shifted out of place. 

You Get Frequent Sinus Congestion 

Sinus congestion and infections can be a result of pressure on your cervical. Cervical adjustments by a chiropractor can relieve some of the tension on your brainstem and help relax your throat. This can allow your sinuses to drain more easily and solve most of your congestion. 

If You’ve Recently Had an Injury 

If you’ve been in an accident or had a sports injury, you can experience pain in different joints and muscles. Many chiropractors have specialized training in dealing with different injuries and can help you come up with a treatment plan. 

You Have High Blood Pressure 

Although it may seem unrelated, high blood pressure can be a result of poor nerve signals to the brain due to a misalignment in the spine. This causes the autonomic nervous system to go into overdrive and elevate your blood pressure. Once the spine is realigned, your blood pressure can return to normal levels. 

You Spend a Lot of Time Sitting 

If you work a desk job or spend most of your time sitting down, you probably experience shoulder, neck, and back pain. Sitting all day can also lead to having a poor posture, which can cause more problems. A chiropractor can help you deal with this pain and improve your posture. 

You Do a Lot of Manual Labor

if you work at a warehouse or have a labor-intensive job, you may suffer from lower back pain and aching muscles. You are also more likely to experience physical injuries at work or strained muscles from lifting heavy loads. A chiropractor would help you access your health and come up with a course of treatment for any pain.  

The Soles of your Shoes Wear Out Unevenly  

If you notice that one of your shoes wears out more quickly than the other, your body may be out of alignment, and you might have a subluxation in the spine. A subluxation is when a vertebra in the spine is not in its normal position. You would need to see a chiropractor to solve this issue and realign your vertebrae. 

Schedule an Appointment to See a Chiropractor Near You

If you struggle with any of the problems we’ve mentioned above and think that it may be something related to your spine, bones, and nerves, it would be a good idea to book an appointment with a chiropractor sooner rather than later. 

So, who is the best chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale?

The Spine and Joint Center in Oakland Park is one of the best clinics you can visit to see an expert chiropractor and get the help you need for different conditions. 

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