Knee Relief

Pain comes in all different shapes and sizes. It affects many different people from all walks of life. According to the CDC, 50 million people suffer every day with different forms of pain that affect their bodies.

You don’t have to suffer in silence when you can use different forms of pain relief and management that make a difference. Here are some of the tools we use to reduce your pain and help you to effectively manage the symptoms.


One of the biggest causes of pain is when your skeletal system becomes misaligned. Sometimes, things such as accidents are the root causes of the issues. But, other factors can play a role such as wear, tear, and becoming older.

Situations like this are when you need an adjustment to your skeletal system to improve your body’s alignment. The adjustments improve the flow of blood circulation and align the nervous system to reduce pain.
We recommend periodic adjustments to ensure that your body is able to deal with the effects of aging or any trauma.

The Spine and Joint Center is the experts that help you to improve your pain relief and pain management. We offer customized services for conditions such as post-accident recovery, pinched nerves, herniated discs, slips and falls, carpal tunnel syndrome, athletic injuries, arthritis, and more. Our chiropractic treatment in Fort Lauderdale is most sought after in South Florida.

Pain Management

When most people think of pain management they assume that you will be given some magical drug. The reality is that managing your pain requires changing your lifestyle and making smart decisions.

A part of our chiropractic treatment in Fort Lauderdale is helping you to create an effective diet and exercise plan. We work with you to do exercises that are right for you and ensure that you are consuming the best foods for health promotion.

Our goal is to use our decades of experience to give you the best chiropractic treatment in Fort Lauderdale. Doctors Petrie and Kellerman are some of the most respected in the nation and will create a custom plan for you. We understand what you are going through and are here to give you the tools for effective pain management.

Since 1979, the Spine and Joint Center has been helping people like you to get the best pain relief and management. We work with you to become healthier and start living a pain-free life. No one is more knowledgeable, experienced, or compassionate than our trained staff members.

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