Relieving Knee Pain with a Chiropractor

The knee can sustain the weight of our body because of its flexibility. It is also a joint that serves as a foundation for walking, sitting, standing, jumping, climbing, crouching, and running. Because of knee issues, mobility may be reduced, making everyday tasks much more difficult. 

Another common knee condition is arthritis. Knee osteoarthritis is a frequent form of knee arthritis. The cartilage that acts as a cushion between joints progressively goes away resulting in continuous pain for those dealing with this particular issue. The incidence of knee arthritis does not only depend on age but also includes variables such as prior knee injuries, long-term stress, and genetic predisposition. 

For those who suffer from severe knee arthritis, it is essential to learn how to alleviate the pain to participate regularly in everyday life. Keep reading to learn more.

A Degenerative Condition

As cartilage degradation increases, the discomfort becomes worse, which may interfere with your eerie day life and in some cases can even prevent you from working. Early treatment is critical to prevent the problem from becoming worse, and the following suggestions may be beneficial.

Chiropractic Treatment 

Chiropractic treatment may be suitable for you if you are searching for a method to remove the edge from your aching joints.

Chiropractors use over 150 methods to modify the spine, joints, and muscles at different strength levels. This is especially beneficial because a chiropractor can gently adjust your soft tissue to prevent muscular spasms and alleviate sensitivity. They may also utilize active exercises or traction to extend the joints gently and improve movement. Your visit may feel like a more practical physical therapy version.

Moreover, Oakland Park chiropractors concentrate on the connections between structure and function. 

During your first appointment, the chiropractor will obtain a thorough medical history and do a physical examination of the knee to find out about the best approach to help your knee improve. 


In some individuals with knee arthritis, wearing specific footwear can relieve symptoms. Many professionals suggest shock-absorbing footwear and insoles for relieving painful knee arthritis and improving mobility. It is essential to talk to your chiropractor about which shoes are most suitable for your situation. 

Hot and Cold Treatments

Applying a heat or cold compress to alleviate painful knee arthritis is very beneficial. Applying heat helps to increase the circulation of the blood and alleviates joint discomfort and rigidity. Heat may be administered using heated towels or heat pads. Another method to heat the afflicted region is to have a warm bath. Conversely, cold compresses may assist to decrease inflammation. A cold compress may be used with cold packs or ice bags. Ask your chiropractor whether your problem is best treated with hot or cold temperatures and how often you should frequent them both.


Persons with arthritis usually prefer to avoid lots of physical activity, yet delaying exercise increases joint rigidity, decreases mobility, and lowers muscle strength. While strenuous physical exercises for individuals with arthritis are not advised, simple exercises that can help with joint mobility may be extremely useful to reduce rigidity and alleviate severe knee arthritis. 

Ask your doctor about the workouts that will suit your situation. 

Your chiropractor may prescribe low-impact exercises such as swimming and light walking, depending on the degree of your arthritis. These exercises will help to enhance your movement, develop the muscles surrounding the joints and alleviate painful knee arthritis.


Although it is urged to not stay idle, sufficient rest is needed to alleviate uncomfortable knee arthritis. Your knee joints are weight-bearing joints and require rest to recover from excessive stress. It may be hard to sleep at night because of the discomfort that you experience, but it is still essential to relax your weary knees. Relaxation and stress relief methods may help you sleep well throughout the night, but if it is difficult for you to relax at night, contact your chiropractor in Oakland Park, FL.

What to Do Next

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