man grabbing his back in pain

Working Remotely? Make Sure You’re Sitting Properly

If you work remotely, you must support your spinal health. The key to success is good posture. 


How Posture Affects Your Spine 

Slouching may seem harmless, but it has negative effects. Here are four important reasons why you should never slouch.  


Slouching Twists Your Spine 

There are three curves that align your spine. They’re shaped like an S. If you consistently slouch, the shape of these curves will change, and you’ll experience back pain.  

Your spine naturally absorbs shock, but slouching can limit this. If you protect your spine, you’ll feel better after a long shift. 


Slouching Can Strain Your Muscles 

Hunching puts a lot of pressure on your lower and upper back pain. It can also harm your shoulder blades. 


Slouching Can Cause Neck Pain 

Prolonged slouching isn’t good for your neck. When you hunch over in a chair, your head naturally leans downward. This action puts pressure on your spine, which supports your neck.  


Slouching Can Alter Your Sleep Patterns 

Poor posture puts your spine in an uncomfortable, compromising position. If you try to sleep with any type of spinal pain, you’ll constantly toss and turn throughout the night.  


Good Spinal Health — The Right Way to Sit 

These tips will help you protect your spine while you’re working: 

  • Keep both feet flat on the floor.
  • Never overlap your ankles or knees.
  • Keep the back of your knees away from the edge of your chair.
  • Keep your ankles directly in front of your knees.
  • Always relax your shoulders.


Success Strategies 

Follow these three rules while you’re sitting straight in an office chair: 

  • Never dangle your feet.
  • Don’t sit in one position for a long time.
  • Find a position that fully supports your upper and lower back.


When to See a Chiropractor for Back Pain 

You’ll need to see a doctor when your tissues are sore. If your soft tissues are aching, massage therapy can help ease the pain. When your spine hurts, you’ll need advanced treatment like spinal manipulation. You should also see a chiropractor when: 

  • You have intense, consistent pain. 
  • You have a pinched nerve. 
  • Regular therapy isn’t working. 


How to Prepare for Your First Appointment With a Chiropractor 

Try to arrive at the clinic 15 minutes early. You may need extra time to review and complete important paperwork like insurance forms.  

Your input can be very beneficial during the appointment. You should tell the doctor: 

  • How the pain started
  • How long you’ve had the symptoms
  • How often you’re experiencing the symptoms
  • What eases the pain
  • What intensifies the pain

If you work remotely in Florida and have mild or severe back pain, turn to The Spine and Joint Center of Fort Lauderdale. We provide physical therapy, massage therapy, and other treatments for back pain. To schedule an appointment call (954) 360-8685 and talk to our experts today.