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What Services Do Physical Therapists in Fort Lauderdale Provide?

Physical therapy isn’t everyone’s first choice. In fact, many people forget that therapy is an option for helping to heal injuries or relieve other painful conditionsPeople are often confused about what services physical therapists in Fort Lauderdale and beyond may offer. At Spine and Joint Center, our physical therapy services are thorough and comprehensive. Because we offer a variety of options, we often receive questions about what to expect. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of physical therapy, how it can be beneficial, and what types of services may be right for you. Keep reading to learn more!  

What are the Benefits of Physical Therapists in Fort Lauderdale?  

There are many benefits to working with a physical therapist. One primary benefit is helping clients avoid invasive surgical procedures. This is helpful for those who have been in accidents or for those with severe chronic health conditions. In some cases, physical therapy can help provide the same benefits as surgery without the downtime. While it may take longer for healing to occur, physical therapy is recommended to help prevent the need for surgery. Other benefits include reducing pain, improving mobility and flexibility, stroke-recovery practices, injury-recovery practices, and improving balance. Physical therapy is for the young and old alike.  

What are the Types of Physical Therapy?  

What many people don’t know is that there are many types of physical therapy. One of the most common practices is orthopedic therapy, which treats skeleton injuries or conditions. Anything that includes muscles, bones, tendons, or ligaments will be addressed by an orthopedic therapist. Some common practices include manual therapy, strength training, and mobility training.  

Neurological physical therapy can assist with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy. The idea behind this treatment is to increase responsiveness in arms and legs, or to even help treat paralysis. Other types of therapy include pediatric therapy, cardiovascular and pulmonary therapy, wound care therapy, and vestibular therapy.  

How to Find a Physical Therapist?  

When on the search for a physical therapist, you won’t want to go with just anyone. Your physical therapists should be highly trained, skilled, and qualified. Providing proper care comes with extensive knowledge and experience practicing in the physical therapy field. At Spine and Joint Center, we offer safe, gentle, and effective care. We’re dedicated to helping you manage your aches in order to aid you in living a healthier life. Some of the areas we deal with most are car accidents, slip and fall incidents, pinched nerves, herniated discs, pregnancy, and more! Spine health is essential, and with Spine and Joint Center, you can rest at ease knowing that you’re getting the best services possible. Contact our physical therapists in Fort Lauderdale today at 954-561-4700.