Physical Therapist in Fort Lauderdale

The Four Main Benefits of Working with a Physical Therapist in Fort Lauderdale

When it comes to pain management, not everyone considers physical therapy. Often times, people assume that after a serious incident, surgery is the way to go or taking pharmaceutical pills to mend the aches. What many people don’t know is that a physical therapist in Fort Lauderdale can provide effective pain management without the dangerous side effects of opioid use. They specialize in helping patients regain full mobility, flexibility, and peace. It’s one of the least invasive healing options out there, making it no surprise that physical therapy comes highly recommended. If you’re looking to manage your pain better, keep reading to learn more about what a therapist can do for you.   

Pain Management with a Physical Therapist in Fort Lauderdale  

Chronic pain is frustrating, and it takes away from the many simple pleasures in daily life. It can effect one’s ability to exercise, going outside, and even sleeping peacefully. Fortunately, physical therapy works well to pinpoint areas of pain, and working to minimize the discomfort. The therapeutic, slow, and wholesome movements not only bring a relaxing state of mind, but it can also help minimize pain altogether.  

Avoid Surgery  

Surgery is unavoidable in some cases, but it’s not always the best answer. Physical therapy might take a little while longer, but it slowly restores joints and muscles into a healthier state. Instead of undergoing major surgery requiring a long recovery period and risking complications, why not try something less invasive? A physical therapist in Fort Lauderdale will walk you through a series of movements and strengthening exercises to rebuild, rejuvenate, and refresh your body. 

Regain Full Mobility  

Those who have trouble standing or walking can find these mobility issues frustrating and discouraging. This is one main advantages of working with a physical therapist. They help individuals stretch and strengthen, giving clients the tools they need to regain a greater range of movement. They do so in a safe and efficient way, so that patients don’t risk further damaging the affected area. They take excellent care of each patient, as each journey is unique.  

Sports Injuries  

Another common reason people see a physical therapist is because of a sports injury. When a sports incident causes spinal injuries or musculature issues, the therapist will work to assess the injury. Then, they will put together a plan that will help return the sports player back to optimal health. It can be a slow process, but the surgical alternative may be career ending. 

If you’re looking for a physical therapist in Fort Lauderdale, you’re in the right place. At the Spine and Joint Center, we were rated the top office in the East. We work with those who have been in a car accident, slip and fall incident, are suffering from pinched nerves, herniated discs, and even carnal tunnel syndrome. Whatever the case may be, you can rest at ease knowing that our team will take excellent care of you.  

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