The Different Types of Physical Therapists in Fort Lauderdale and How They Can Help You

Physical therapy is often thought of as assistance to someone recovering from surgery or some sports-related injuries. It is seen as working on the back, legs, or knees to help the person regain their mobility. 

These views are correct up to a point, but there is much more to physical therapy than these common beliefs. 

As more people are becoming older, the demand for these services and what they do are projected to increase by 28%. There are many disciplines that focus on improving health and wellness for the individual. 

To understand the significance of physical therapists in Fort Lauderdale requires looking at the different kinds and what they can do for you. Knowing the differences helps you to determine if a particular type is right for you and the long-term benefits it provides. Keep reading to learn more!


Orthopedic physical therapists in Fort Lauderdale are focusing on improving your muscle strength after a significant injury. Typically, the injury will heal, but there is a process where the body must be strengthened from immobility called atrophy

The extended periods of not using the muscle make it weak, and it has to be rebuilt to strengthen it. An orthopedic therapist is trained to work with these individuals to improve their mobility and get them back to their daily lives. 

For example, after breaking your leg, a significant problem is atrophy from not using the muscles in it for an extended time. These physical therapists focus on strengthening the muscles to perform activities as you did in the past. The idea is to work with you to help gain mobility and strength after these events. 


Neurological physical therapists in Fort Lauderdale work with those who suffer from spine, nervous system, or brain injuries. These injuries take time to heal, and it might not entirely go back to the way it was before the incident. 

These chiropractors in Fort Lauderdale know how to improve your quality of life to start feeling better. It takes time, and there is a lot of effort on your part, but the rewards they provide are worth it. 


Geriatric physical therapists in Fort Lauderdale help those people who are older to get their muscles working better. As someone becomes older, their body adjusts, and the muscles don’t work the same as they did in the past. 

These changes make it harder for them to have mobility like they used to and perform basic tasks. These types of specialists help you to address weaker muscles by improving things like gait and posture. These changes decrease the chances of injury; it gives seniors more mobility and flexibility to be independent. 


Cardiovascular physical therapists work with patients that have circulatory issues or heart problems impacting their endurance. Their objectives are to help you improve circulation in the blood, lungs, and heart to be more energetic. 


These types of physical therapists help to improve your balance from becoming frequently dizzy. They work with problems in the inner ear that are the root causes of it called vertigo. You learn how to improve your balance and strengthen your muscles, so you can better maintain your balance in the future. 

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