ScoliosisScoliosis or curvature of the spine greater than 10 degrees, can be congenital (hereditary) or acquired from trauma. It is more common in females often beginning in childhood. Early detection and treatment can prevent worsening effects that occur over time. All children should be examined at 10-13 years old, as they begin their growth spurt. Curvature of the spine is related to this degenerative disease creating an “S” or “C” shape. Scoliosis is unlike the normal curvature of the spine where adjusting your posture would help correct the problem.

Osteoporosis usually occurs in older people when their bones begin to soften. This softening causes the vertebrae to bend and shape in a curve. A person will develop the appearance of having a round back. Proper treatment can help prevent the severe back pain, deformity and difficulty breathing associated with Scoliosis and kyphosis (hunchback). Early care can often reduce the curvature, making torso body bracing and surgery unnecessary.

We can help alleviate these symptoms and others that will arise. Dr. Petrie and Dr. Kellerman both determine treatment by the person’s health and nervous system. Our treatment is specific to the underlying cause. Primarily focusing on manual manipulation or adjustments to parts of the body. Our primary focus is on the spinal column, the spine and its position.

by Dr. Michael Petrie, D.C.
Spine and Joint Center