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7 Things to Know Before Your First Acupuncture Appointment

Depending on one’s medical history, they can feel confused or overwhelmed regarding alternative treatments and medicines. However, alternative treatments and medicines have been proved beneficial for uncountable people throughout human history. 

Despite the scientific advancement in the past century, these historical methods of Ayurveda, acupuncture, oriental medicine, or homeopathy treatments still provide relief to several individuals. 

If you have been suggested to try acupuncture for a specific health concern or are looking into it as a wellness practice, there’s no need to find it intimidating. Acupuncture may look painful and scary, but it can be relaxing to experience. Therefore, before you walk in for an acupuncture appointment, understanding how the times-old treatment works and how you can benefit from it can significantly help. 

Read along to know seven things that can help you achieve more significant benefits from your acupuncture appointment: 

Prepare to Answer Some Questions

Your first acupuncture appointment can be similar to a conventional general practitioner. Your acupuncturist can ask you about your medical history and family history. They can also ask you about your mental health and drug abuse history. Most importantly, they can ask you your reasons for looking into alternative treatment. 

Also, note that no alternative health practitioner will ever ask you to abandon conventional treatments or get into a debate about which way is better. Your acupuncturist is most likely to simply deliver their services regardless of your opinions. Their purpose of asking questions is only to know your medical history and your pain threshold. 

Learning More About the Specifics 

Similar to conventional treatment, acupuncture is performed on different body parts for various reasons. Depending on the patient’s condition, there can also be a difference in pressure and technique.

It Takes Time

All medical treatments take time. Going for an acupuncture appointment can undoubtedly help you. However, you will not be completely cured after one session. 

During your medical history discussion before the first appointment, your acupuncture will guide you about the number of acupuncture sessions you will need. They will also inform you how sooner or later you will experience a difference and how long the entire process will take. 

It Comes With Some Dietary Restrictions

Alternative treatments can come with some dietary restrictions. While acupuncture treatment won’t require you to never consume certain foods again, you may have to follow some instructions on the day of the treatment and sometimes between two appointments. 

You will not be allowed to have alcoholic or caffeinated beverages on the day of the appointment. Both chemicals cause a noticeable difference in blood composition, which can have negative impacts on the treatment. 

It is also important to eat before an acupuncture appointment. However, eating too much or too soon before the appointment or spicy food can also negatively impact the treatment. 

You Will Need to Dress Appropriately

On the day of the acupuncture appointment, dress comfortably instead of fashionably. There is a high chance you will not need to take off your clothes and wear a surgical robe. Hence, it’s essential to wear loose, comfortable clothing during the treatment. 

There Will Be Some Forms

Besides a consultation, you may also have to fill out some forms asking about your medical history. Give all the information honestly as it can determine the techniques your acupuncturist will use. 

These forms may also ask for emergency contact. Provide them with a reference of someone who you know you can rely on and who is updated on your wellness journey. Don’t share a contact’s information without informing that contact that you are giving out their information. You don’t want to give unnecessary surprises to your friends and family. 

It’s About a Mindset 

If you research ancient health treatments, you will find that most health centers used to be established on the outskirts of the city or between beautiful mountains. Ancient practitioners were big believers in creating a healing environment. Today’s alternative medicine practitioners hold the same beliefs. 

While they won’t be able to drive you to a relaxing spot, don’t be surprised if they tell you to relax, breathe, and unclench your jaw and shoulders. Some acupuncturists may also put on some relaxing and meditative music during the session.  In the end, keep an open mind. Acupuncture is a perfectly safe alternative treatment that has benefited people all over the world. There are several licensed acupuncturists in the country. You can also find acupuncture therapy in Ford Lauderdale and other cities these days, provided by aestheticians and conventional doctors who believe in all kinds of treatments that produce results.

man grabbing his back in pain

How Often Should You Visit A Chiropractor?

Chiropractors in Fort Lauderdale are health care professionals that diagnose and treat the neuromusculoskeletal system. This includes the bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments throughout your body. If you experience neck and back pain, you may be wondering how frequently you should see a chiropractor. 

Should you see them as often as you do your dentist and general practitioner? 

These healthcare professionals can offer a variety of care options. How often you should visit one largely depends on the type of injury you have and the amount of pain you are experiencing.

Keep reading to learn more!

Types Of Care

During your first visit, you should talk to the specialist about what you want to achieve with treatment. Do you need short-term care for a recent injury? Or perhaps you have had back pain for several years and currently need long-term treatment. No matter what type of injury or pain you have, in general, your treatment will fall under three basic categories:

  • Urgent
  • Rehabilitative
  • Preventative

Urgent Treatment

As with any medical branch, if you are seeking urgent care, this means that you demand immediate treatment. A chiropractor will treat urgent pain in the same way other medical professionals treat it. They will do what they can to provide fast relief to your current aches and pains. If your job or lifestyle has you scheduling frequent urgent care appointments, then it is advisable to schedule a chiropractic appointment at least once a week in between your urgent care visits. Jobs that have you sitting at a desk for several hours a day, or a lifestyle that is overactive due to frequent exercise can put a lot of pressure on your muscles and joints. As a result, the adjustments that you received during your urgent care visit may not be enough. You will benefit most from regular chiropractic care to relieve chronic pain.

When you visit Spine and Joint Center, your specialist will make an assessment during your first visit and provide instructions on how often you should come in.  

Rehabilitative Treatment

For people who suffer from minor pain from an old injury that gets triggered from time to time, or suffer from a serious condition, like arthritis, you should consider continuous rehabilitative care. Regular visits will help manage your pain during flareups and can reduce reoccurring pain. You and the specialist can come up with a plan for the level of care you need. For some, this may be weekly visits while others may need to come in bi-weekly. It will mostly depend on your lifestyle.

People who have recently injured themselves, such as a broken leg, can also benefit from rehab treatment with our physical therapists in Fort Lauderdale. Unless specified by your chiropractor, it is not recommended to perform rehabilitative care on your own, as you may cause further injury. The advanced tools and training of a chiropractic specialist will ensure that your recovery goes according to plan.

Preventative Treatment

Many people who have visited a specialist for urgent or rehabilitative treatment may also consider preventative treatment. After you have resolved a serious injury, preventative care will help keep you from suffering serious pain in the future. This can reduce the number of times you contact a chiropractor for urgent treatment, as you are already ensuring that your body alignment is in good shape. Many specialists recommend that you come in for an appointment before you experience pain, much like a physical with your general practitioner. These are often called general adjustments. Our goal is to provide patients with benefits that can last a lifetime, not a quick fix that lasts a few months until your next flare-up.

Bottom Line

As you can see, how often you see a chiropractor depends on your situation. Even if you are not experiencing neck and back pain, visiting a specialist can help diagnose future problems, such as osteoporosis, the silent disease. Even if you do not think your job or lifestyle qualifies you for such treatment, any form of stress can build up pressure and result in serious injuries. Preventative treatment can fix this before it gets out of hand. Many of the treatments that we offer at Spine and Joint Center in Fort Lauderdale can relax muscles that are experiencing stiffness. We can reduce the stress that can lead to pressure build-up, and facilitate your nervous system.

Visit Spine and Joint Center

Do not wait for a serious injury or a long-term condition to visit our office. For chiropractors in Fort Lauderdale you can trust, contact the team at the Spine and Joint Center. Call (954) 507-9316 to schedule an appointment.

Family Chiropractic Services

3 Exercises To Alleviate Pain Caused By Your Desk Job

You may be surprised to hear that a large portion of work-related injuries come from desk jobs. Sitting for eight hours every day for five days a week can lead to musculoskeletal problems, like carpal tunnel and muscle strains. When this happens, it’s time to call your Chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale and protect your physical wellbeing with the following moves.

Loosen Up Your Back Muscles 

Sitting at your desk for hours can lead to lower back pain, which can prevent you from enjoying life to its fullest. You can treat lower back pain in a variety of ways. First, correct your posture and never lean back in your desk or sit forward, as this can throw your spine out of alignment, which strains your back’s ligaments and muscles. Correct your posture by using a pillow to close the gap between your back and the chair. This can also prevent you from leaning forward towards the desk, which is another form of bad posture. 

You can alleviate pain and discomfort at work by rocking your pelvis back and forth. Tilt your hips up and round out your back, then tilt your hips back. When you get home, do abdominal exercises at least three times a week to strengthen your core. A strong core will make it easy to maintain good posture while at work. 

Stretch To Alleviate Wrist Strain 

If you spend your days responding to emails, creating copy, or writing up long reports, you may have noticed a slight pain in your wrists. Don’t ignore this, as it can lead to serious injury. When you position your hands over the keyboard, it puts your wrists in an awkward position, forcing the parallel tendons to move back and forth, ultimately creating friction. 

This can cause inflammation and fatigue. You can resolve this problem by fixing the way you pose your hands. Don’t put your hands on the desk. Instead, float them above your keyboard, but make sure your wrists are not higher than your hands. 

When you need a quick fix to alleviate the tension building in your wrists, do the prayer stretch. Place your fingers and palms together as if in prayer, centered in front of your chest. Keeping your palms together, lower your hands until you feel an uncomfortable (but not painful) stretch and hold for five seconds. 

Get Rid Of Tension With Neck Stretches 

It isn’t uncommon for people who work in front of the computer to develop a hunch in later years. This is because you are jutting out your neck and shoulders while performing tasks on the computer. This seemingly harmless pose shifts your neck and shoulders completely out of alignment with your spine. 

As a result, this places strain on the surrounding muscles and soft tissue. An effective way to prevent pain and discomfort is to position your computer screen in front of you and not off to the side. This prevents your head from continuously shifting at an awkward angle. 

We understand that neck pain can be uncomfortable. When it feels tight, stretch out your neck by jutting your chin out as far as it can go, then reverse, pulling your head back in the opposite direction as far as it can go. 

Make sure your head stays level throughout the exercise. Repeat this a few times and you will feel quite a difference. If the pain in your neck and shoulders gets too severe, visit your chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale for a long-term solution. 

Final Thoughts 

While it isn’t practical to quit your job because it causes muscle tension, at the same time, you shouldn’t endure pain and discomfort. By talking to a chiropractor, doing easy exercises, and implementing new practices, you can get rid of the tension caused by your job.

Visit Spine and Joint Center

For over 35 years, our physicians have served Great Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas, offering chiropractic services and other proven techniques to relieve pain, injury, and illness. When many of our patients thought surgery was the only solution, we showed them another way to improve their spinal and overall health. For a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale that you can trust, contact Spine and Joint Center. Call (954) 395-2461 to schedule an appointment.

How Can a Chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale Help Your Migraines?

Do you struggle with migraines? If so, you likely know the debilitating pain that comes with migraines. Along with the pain comes a variety of other symptoms. Some of these include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or noise, dizziness, and more. Not only do migraines leave many bedridden for hours or days, but it’s also something that is challenging to treat. With migraines having numerous causes, it can be hard to find ways to get rid of one. And sometimes, drinking more water, taking over-the-counter pain medication, and other holistic treatments do not work. But, when in doubt, a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale can help. At Spine and Joint Center, we can help you with your migraines, treating them, and finding at-home solutions for you. To learn more about how a chiropractor can help you, keep reading!

Understanding What a Migraine Is

Before diving into what a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale can do to help with migraines, it’s vital to understand what a migraine is. Migraines occur when cranial blood vessels expand. Your typical run-of-the-mill headaches don’t see expansion but rather restriction. The cranial blood vessels instead get smaller and more narrow. While both cause pain, migraine pain is often much more severe because of the pressure that comes with expansion.

Luckily, the pain and the frequency of migraines can get managed with the help of the Spine and Joint Center. Chiropractors don’t just help people with back pain. They are also able to assist with head pain, among many other types of pain and conditions.

How Do Chiropractors Help with Migraines?

Chiropractors can help with migraines in many ways. The first is by performing a spinal alignment. The alignment can help the nervous system reboot and reconnect. Everything from the brain down the spine gets connected again. Sometimes, this simple alignment can reduce the frequency of migraines or stop them altogether. Another way a chiropractor will help is by looking at your situation and finding the root of your migraines.

Some people have migraines now and again because of dehydration, and once figuring this out, know to consume more water. Other people might have other factors that come into play. These could be stress, hormones, irregular sleep cycles or patterns, diet, light, environment, medication, or other lifestyle factors. A chiropractor will speak with you more about your lifestyle and what you were doing or where you were before you had a migraine.

Once this information gets figured out, our team can work with you on exercises and treatment options based on the root cause. These lifestyle changes could be removing stressors from your life or even as extreme as evaluating hormones and considering medical treatment or evaluation. Making lifestyle changes may seem like a lot at first, but it goes a long way. If you are done with migraines getting in the way of living your life, making these changes can do wonders.

Should You See a Chiropractor About Your Migraines?

Not everyone needs to see a chiropractor for migraines. It all depends on their severity, how long they last, how often they occur, and much more. If you find that your migraines are interrupting your lifestyle, it’s time to see a professional. Some of these interruptions include preventing you from working, taking care of loved ones, and handling other responsibilities. Being in constant pain is agony and something no one should go through. With our team at Spine and Joint Center, you can find the relief you are after.

Schedule Your Chiropractic Appointment with Spine and Joint Center Today

Living with chronic migraines is not easy and comes with a lot of pain and an array of symptoms. But, you don’t need to suffer from the pain much longer when you have the help of a chiropractor from Spine and Joint Center. Not sure if a chiropractor is a solution for your migraine pain? If so, visit our website at to learn more. 

Or, if you want to schedule an appointment to get more insight from one of our chiropractors, give us a call today at (954) 360-8685. Our team is looking forward to helping you find the relief you are after.

Benefits of Acupuncture Therapy, Fort Lauderdale

Centuries-old and embedded in the practice of Chinese traditional medicine, acupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles on certain pressure points across the body. 

It works on the belief that the body is controlled by an energy flow or qi. Problems or blockages with qi along these pathways are responsible for many illnesses. Toxins, stress, diet, trauma, hormones, and injuries can all block qi. The practice of acupuncture is said to fix blockages and allow qi to flow through the body and allow normal functioning.

Modern acupuncturists view the acupuncture points as stimulating nerves, releasing the body’s natural pain-fighting process.

In this procedure, tiny needles are inserted into strategic points on the skin to help balance energy flow. The needles are inserted at specific pressure points, which trigger the body’s neurotransmitters.

Mostly used to reduce chronic pain, it can also be used for overall stress management. Acupuncture therapy can be viewed as targeting certain areas to stimulate nerve muscles to boost the body’s natural chemicals.

What’s the hype?

If you don’t know what acupuncture is, the idea of needles in your skin can seem a bit frightening. However, it is an old and trusted technique.  It may help with different types of muscular and other aches and pains in the body.

Acupuncture is popular in relieving the discomfort of many musculoskeletal conditions.

Acupuncture treatments vary based on the practitioner’s methods and treatment strategy, along with the patient’s medical history and daily routine. Acupuncture can also be combined with electro-stimulation or other traditional procedures, such as acupressure, moxibustion, cupping, Gua Sha massage, and herbal therapies.


Arthritis is a disorder of the joints where people experience pain and swelling caused by inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) are common types of arthritis and can prevent people from performing activities of daily life. Patients resort to many treatments and medicines. Acupuncture is a popular one for arthritis patients.

By inserting an acupuncture needle at specific points, hormones that help control inflammation are boosted. It may also activate other pain-relieving chemicals in the body.

Studies suggest that anti-inflammatory effects from needle insertion suppress inflammatory responses, improve blood flow, and relax muscles. While it cannot cure or undo arthritis, it may prove to be useful for managing chronic pain.

Acupuncture can be a helpful alternative method for managing osteoarthritis, says the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. Acupuncture combined with other treatments can be beneficial for managing symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis and can improve quality of life. The benefits include decreased joint pain, inflammation, and stiffness.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common symptom many people experience. It is often accompanied by sore muscles. The neck is quite vulnerable as it supports the head’s weight and movement, and is susceptible to injuries and strains., 

Neck strains can be caused by using your phone too much or sleeping for a long time in an uncomfortable position. Worn neck joints due to age, nerve compression due to herniated discs, and even injuries and diseases can cause prolonged neck pain.

In traditional Chinese medicine,  neck pain is usually a sign of something deeper going on, which is why your acupuncturist may check your back and spine’s health to check for other symptoms. Needles will then be placed based on the location of the pain and the underlying cause.

Muscle Pain

Muscles can tighten due to sitting in one state for a long period, lack of hydration and nutrients, fatigue, overworking, and small tears in the muscle caused by external injuries. It can cause pain with a burning sensation, also known as a muscle knot. They usually occur in the back or legs, but the neck and shoulder are standard points, mainly due to the modern lifestyle and working environment.

They are quite painful and limit mobility; thus, over-the-counter medications are not a long-term solution as the cause hasn’t been addressed. The best solution is to work the knots, even though they are very stubborn.

Acupuncture can help get right to the center of the knot and let it relax. You may feel the difference with a single Acupuncture treatment, but you may require more sessions depending on the severity.

When to Consider Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a complementary treatment and should be discussed with health care providers. It is important to get proper medical care before considering acupuncture to help with severe pain. When choosing a treatment, make sure you contact a licensed acupuncturist with proper education and training. Spine and Joint Center provides acupuncture therapy in Fort Lauderdale, helping you find alternative solutions to manage pain and lead a better life.

Relieving Knee Pain with a Chiropractor

The knee can sustain the weight of our body because of its flexibility. It is also a joint that serves as a foundation for walking, sitting, standing, jumping, climbing, crouching, and running. Because of knee issues, mobility may be reduced, making everyday tasks much more difficult. 

Another common knee condition is arthritis. Knee osteoarthritis is a frequent form of knee arthritis. The cartilage that acts as a cushion between joints progressively goes away resulting in continuous pain for those dealing with this particular issue. The incidence of knee arthritis does not only depend on age but also includes variables such as prior knee injuries, long-term stress, and genetic predisposition. 

For those who suffer from severe knee arthritis, it is essential to learn how to alleviate the pain to participate regularly in everyday life. Keep reading to learn more.

A Degenerative Condition

As cartilage degradation increases, the discomfort becomes worse, which may interfere with your eerie day life and in some cases can even prevent you from working. Early treatment is critical to prevent the problem from becoming worse, and the following suggestions may be beneficial.

Chiropractic Treatment 

Chiropractic treatment may be suitable for you if you are searching for a method to remove the edge from your aching joints.

Chiropractors use over 150 methods to modify the spine, joints, and muscles at different strength levels. This is especially beneficial because a chiropractor can gently adjust your soft tissue to prevent muscular spasms and alleviate sensitivity. They may also utilize active exercises or traction to extend the joints gently and improve movement. Your visit may feel like a more practical physical therapy version.

Moreover, Oakland Park chiropractors concentrate on the connections between structure and function. 

During your first appointment, the chiropractor will obtain a thorough medical history and do a physical examination of the knee to find out about the best approach to help your knee improve. 


In some individuals with knee arthritis, wearing specific footwear can relieve symptoms. Many professionals suggest shock-absorbing footwear and insoles for relieving painful knee arthritis and improving mobility. It is essential to talk to your chiropractor about which shoes are most suitable for your situation. 

Hot and Cold Treatments

Applying a heat or cold compress to alleviate painful knee arthritis is very beneficial. Applying heat helps to increase the circulation of the blood and alleviates joint discomfort and rigidity. Heat may be administered using heated towels or heat pads. Another method to heat the afflicted region is to have a warm bath. Conversely, cold compresses may assist to decrease inflammation. A cold compress may be used with cold packs or ice bags. Ask your chiropractor whether your problem is best treated with hot or cold temperatures and how often you should frequent them both.


Persons with arthritis usually prefer to avoid lots of physical activity, yet delaying exercise increases joint rigidity, decreases mobility, and lowers muscle strength. While strenuous physical exercises for individuals with arthritis are not advised, simple exercises that can help with joint mobility may be extremely useful to reduce rigidity and alleviate severe knee arthritis. 

Ask your doctor about the workouts that will suit your situation. 

Your chiropractor may prescribe low-impact exercises such as swimming and light walking, depending on the degree of your arthritis. These exercises will help to enhance your movement, develop the muscles surrounding the joints and alleviate painful knee arthritis.


Although it is urged to not stay idle, sufficient rest is needed to alleviate uncomfortable knee arthritis. Your knee joints are weight-bearing joints and require rest to recover from excessive stress. It may be hard to sleep at night because of the discomfort that you experience, but it is still essential to relax your weary knees. Relaxation and stress relief methods may help you sleep well throughout the night, but if it is difficult for you to relax at night, contact your chiropractor in Oakland Park, FL.

What to Do Next

Spine and Joint Center in Oakland Park is an experienced and professional medical facility that can help you. Dr. Michael Petrie and Dr. Douglas Kellerman have combined expertise to offer healing therapeutic care. 
Call them today at 954-507-9316 or contact us online.

When To Visit A Chiropractor

A chiropractor is a medical professional skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the peripheral nervous system.  This consists of all motor and sensory nerves connecting the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body. These disorders can lead to a variety of medical issues that only a chiropractor is specialized in treating. If you suffer from the following issues, find a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale, like the physicians at the Spine and Joint Center. Here, your issues will be addressed and treated, leading you on the road to recovery.

Frequent Back And Neck Pain

We all experience back and neck pains from time to time, but when your pain is frequent and severe, it’s time to see a chiropractor. Your pain may stem from poor posture or sleeping in the wrong position, or it can be a serious underlying condition, such as degenerative disk disease, or sciatica. Whatever the case, a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale will be able to identify the problem and create a treatment plan for long-term solutions.


Whiplash occurs when your head forcibly moves forward and then backward, or vice versa, which can lead to serious pain in the neck and shoulders. Whiplash often occurs after a rear-end vehicle collision, sports accident, or fall. Extreme and rapid motion can strain the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your neck, which can affect the alignment of your spine. Many people take medication to treat the effects of whiplash, but when you find a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale, s/he can address the issue so you don’t need to depend on medication.

Overall Pain

If you’re experiencing overall pain that you can’t attribute to a specific cause, you may benefit more by visiting a chiropractor than your general practitioner. They specialize in reducing or eliminating restrictions in the vertebrae of the spine which, if left untreated, can cause pain in your back, neck, shoulders, and joints. Fortunately, when you see a chiropractor, it isn’t a stressful ordeal – at least it shouldn’t be. After all, they are meant to relieve stress and promote relaxation, which is good for your overall health.

Poor Sleep

If you’re having trouble sleeping and you aren’t sure why ask your doctor if you would benefit from seeing a chiropractor. Joint pain can lead to insomnia because your body works tirelessly to fix your aching neck, back, or shoulders while you sleep. This doesn’t necessarily result in insomnia but can lead to poor sleep quality. You may find yourself waking up groggy even after sleeping for eight hours. A trip to the chiropractor may put your aches to rest, so you can, too.

Aging Pains

When most people think of aging, they think about wrinkles, grey hair, and sagging skin. However, aging is physically hard on the body, too. It can lead to general aches and pains in your bones and joints and slowed body functions. As you get older, your chiropractor may become one of the most essential medical specialists you visit.

Physical Performance

As an athlete, you rely on your body’s range of motion, so when it becomes compromised, you’re less likely to perform at peak capacity. When you find a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale, your specialist can help to improve your spinal alignment, balance, coordination, and posture to keep your body limber and more resistant to injuries. Furthermore, if you frequently exercise, your specialist can provide techniques to avoid damaging your body. Because seeing a specialist is a preventative measure against injuries, don’t wait until you’ve been injured to schedule an appointment.  

High Blood Pressure

If you’re affected by high blood pressure, you may be on prescription medication to keep it in check. If your doctor hasn’t already informed you, visiting a chiropractor can also relieve blood pressure. By applying a variety of stress-relieving techniques, like adjusting the neck and spine, your blood pressure may be lowered. 

Visit the Spine and Joint CenterWe have been serving Fort Lauderdale since 1979, offering Chiropractic Adjustment, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Massage, and other safe and proven techniques for relieving pain, injury, and illness while avoiding dangerous drugs and painful surgery. When you want to find a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale, contact us. Call (954) 395-2461 to schedule an appointment.

The Most Obvious Signs You Should Seek Out a Chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale

A chiropractor is thought of as someone who will help you straighten your head, neck, and back. All of these things are true, but a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale does so much more than you might realize. 

Chiropractors are certified doctors that give you treatments, advice, and remedies for your joints, bones, muscles, sinuses, and nutrition. 

Typically, the costs of seeing a chiropractor are 91% less versus what you pay for visiting a physician. The real saving is how chiropractors can address issues that you might not realize they can handle. 

Too often, you live with issues you should not have to; visiting with a chiropractor and knowing when to seek out their treatment can reduce your pain. 

Whiplash Effects

Whiplash effects are a significant problem impacting adults, with the World Health Organization concluding that 30% of adults 18 to 65 suffer from issues related to whiplash. 

Traditionally, the standard solution is to go to a medical doctor seeking advice about what to do. Doctors usually prescribe medication and tell you to take your pills when there is a flare-up. 

A chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale can help you to feel better without taking any prescription drugs. Many times your aches are caused by problems in the back and neck pinching the nerves. 

A chiropractor can align the spine and neck to improve blood flow to the brain and eliminate your pain. You don’t need to use prescription drugs and can improve your condition after several routine visits. 

The Spine and Joint Center can help with proven treatment options that are effective and don’t require prescription drugs. Since 1979, we have helped our patients to feel better with adjustments, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, and massages that are safe and effective. You don’t need surgery or use any drugs to feel better with our proven techniques. 

You are Constantly Sitting Down

As adults, we are taught to live with pain in our bodies, as these issues are a part of life. The reality is that an adjustment may be necessary to ensure the proper flow of blood and relieve pressure on the nerves. 

A chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale can help you to feel better by performing therapy on your knees, hands, torso, and ankles. We can do therapy on misaligned muscles to improve the blood flow and reduce pressure on these areas of the body. 

CEOs routinely use chiropractors as a part of their regimen to ensure they are in top physical shape. Executives reduce injuries by visiting a chiropractor regularly to decrease the body’s pain from sitting for long periods. 

The Spine and Joint Center has hundreds of techniques we use to ensure your body is functioning at an optimal level. You don’t need to be a CEO to benefit from our treatment options, just someone who is struggling with pain. We can help you live a pain-free life with one or a combination of our treatment options. Stop wasting time on things that don’t work and start using techniques to help you feel better. 

Trouble Bending

If you have trouble doing the essential things, such as bending or feel you are not getting the entire movement, you should see a chiropractor. 

Frequently, these challenges can be fixed by aligning the skeletal system, muscles, and joints. A few sessions can lead to improvements in your flexibility, and you will feel like a new person. The longer you wait, the more painful and challenging things will become for you until a change is made. 

You can solve your flexibility issues by doing something different that is more effective and gets proven results. 

The Spine and Joint Center is one place where you will receive the best care for your issues. We have many satisfied clients that experienced similar challenges which came to us and are back to normal. You don’t have to go through life suffering, but you can solve these issues by taking a different approach. 
These are a few of the most obvious signs you should seek out a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale who can make a difference. Call the Spine and Joint Center today at 954-360-8927 and see how we will help you get your life back. We are located near Wimberley Fields Park off of Prospect Road in Oakland Park.

Here Are a Few Reasons to Contact a Chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale

Everyone goes through pain, with all of us remembering the adage “no pain, no gain” from Jane Fonda. These clichés often lead to people ignoring pain when they should be seeking out help. 

Data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that 20.4% of Americans suffer from pain. 7.4% of the population has chronic pain that limits their ability to perform daily activities. 

As everybody ages, pain becomes a recurring theme in our lives, and we need to understand what it is telling us. 

Anytime you are experiencing pain, it may be time to see a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale that can help you. We do more than adjust the spine and we can help with these issues. Keep reading to learn more about how a chiropractor can assist you!

Muscle and Joint Pain

Anytime we have pain in the muscles or joints, we immediately grab the Icy Hot and start putting it on the sore areas. There is nothing wrong with doing this, but if the pain continues for several days, it is time to see a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale

Persistent pain can be the result of the body becoming misaligned. Adjustments improve the flow of blood to those nerves that are causing the pain and reduce it. 

Recurring Headaches

If you have recurring headaches, it’s time to seek out a chiropractic clinic in Fort Lauderdale to see what is wrong. 

The first thing we all do when a headache is coming on is to grab some aspirin and rest. The problem is that if the headaches continue, it can be a sign of something more significant that needs adjustment. 

A chiropractor can help by realigning the body to where the neck and spine allow the proper blood and oxygen flow. 

Decreases in Range of Motion 

Let’s face it; there are times when our bodies don’t have the range of motion like usual, and it impacts how we move. If the problem does not go away after a day or two, it is time to visit the chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale. These include issues with flexibility in your neck, arms, and legs, back, or midsection. We can help you by adjusting the alignment of the bones to reduce pain and improve your range of motion. Restoring the normal range of motion is the key to improving your health, so the body functions at the highest levels.  

You Are Physically Active

Living in South Florida encourages an active lifestyle, and we all want to go out and enjoy what it has to offer. The problem is that too much activity puts stress on the body and causes it to lose its alignment. 

In these cases, the amount of pain you experience increases, affecting your ability to do the activities you enjoy.  These issues are from things such as slipped discs, misalignment, and pinched nerves affecting your movement. 

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These are just a few of many times when you may want to consider seeing a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale. 

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Don’t live with pain anymore; take action now and make the call to see what we can do for you.

What Is Acupuncture and What Does It Feel Like?

Ever wondered what acupuncture therapy is like?

You may have heard of acupuncture; after all, it has been around for thousands of years. If not, then you are in the right place to learn.

Let’s discuss what acupuncture is, what it feels like to experience acupuncture therapy, and the alternative methods to give you a better idea of acupuncture.

But before we begin, always remember to visit Spine and Joint Center in Fort Lauderdale to experience the best acupuncture therapy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient practice that originated in China. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is the practice of using thin needles to penetrate the skin and using certain movements or stimulations to activate them.

It is believed that there are over 2,000 acupuncture points in the human body that are connected through meridians or pathways. There is an optimized flow of energy called “Qi” that runs through these meridians, and the better the flow of Qi, the better the body’s health.

Practitioners can insert the needles into the correct points and optimize the flow in an unhealthy body. The belief is that the disruption of Qi is what causes disease and ill health. By inserting the needles and activating them, the practitioners are correcting the flow of Qi.

If you are skeptical of acupuncture, you may be interested to know that many scientific studies suggest that it not only works but is highly effective for certain health conditions.

You can experience acupuncture therapy for yourself at Spine and Joint Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Although before you do, you may want to know what it feels like.

What Does Acupuncture Feel Like?

Acupuncture therapy uses extremely thin needles that are about as thin as hair. When the needle penetrates your skin, you may not feel anything at all. However, most often, you feel very minimal pain and some pressure as the needle goes deeper.

This is because the needle is inserted to a point where you feel a slight sensation of pressure or pain. The feeling is highly minimal and very easy to ignore during your acupuncture therapy. There are multiple needles inserted during the acupuncture therapy, depending on your specific condition or Qi.

The needles may also be heated or subjected to minimal current to activate them. Most people feel highly relaxed during and after acupuncture therapy, while some feel energetic and physically fit after their acupuncture therapy.

Alternative Acupuncture Methods

There are also other methods of stimulation that are often used during acupuncture therapy. These methods avoid needles and instead rely on other things to stimulate the acupuncture points on your body.

Alternative methods include:

  • Acupressure

Acupressure involves applying pressure on specific parts of your body called acupoints. The practitioner may use their hands to apply pressure to these points to improve blood circulation and release muscle tension.

  • Cupping

Cupping involves placing suction cups on your body that facilitate the flow of Qi by healing your blood flow. It is believed to remove the toxins in your body and blood through suction.

  • Moxibustion

Moxibustion involves burning a stick or rolled-up cone made from ground mugwort leaves. The burning ‘moxa’ is then carefully placed on or near your body’s meridians by the practitioner. It is believed that the heat from the moxa helps correct the optimal flow of Qi in your body.

  • Other Methods

Some other alternative acupuncture methods involve friction therapy, impulses of electromagnetic energy, and more.

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Acupuncture therapy is a very old medicinal practice that dates further back than any other form of therapy. While there is still a lot of skepticism around the practice, science is only now starting to prove its benefits.

It is also highly recommended by people who have personally experienced symptom relief through acupuncture therapy. The Chinese have been reaping its benefits for generations, and it is now one of the fastest-growing alternative therapies in the world.

We highly recommend at Spine and Joint Center in Fort Lauderdale for the best acupuncture therapy in Florida. We have qualified practitioners who only use FDA-regulated acupuncture needles under strict, single-use standards for sterility.If you want to learn more about acupuncture or want to experience the best acupuncture therapy in Fort Lauderdale, visit our website today.