Avocado-Soybean Pill May Treat Osteoarthritis of the Hip

AvocadoA French study sponsored by Laboratoires Expanscience has found evidence that an extract containing Avocado and Soybean may be an effective treatment for Hip Osteoarthritis. After three years, 10% fewer of the participants in the experimental group (as opposed to the placebo group) were considered Osteoarthritis progressors.

20% of the active treatment group experienced a relative risk reduction for Hip OA after three years of treatment, with the apparent benefits increasing significantly with the length of treatment. OA is the most common joint disorder, affecting 10% of people 65 and over, but to date no disease-modifying drugs have been approved for the condition because none has proven itself to be effective for prevention of treatment of the condition. Osteoarthritis can cause deep joint pain and stiffness, limit a person’s range of motion, weaken their muscles, and have other harmful consequences to their health and quality of life.

Further studies will be required to confirm and assess the clinical value of this data, although the study did use careful randomization and other procedures to minimize the risk of error. It may be some time before this becomes an approved treatment for OA, if it ever does.

In the meantime physical therapy, nutrition, exercise, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and several other non-drug, non-surgery lifestyle changes and treatments are considered beneficial for at least some OA patients. Treatment focuses on increasing the range of motion and reducing pain.

Dr. Michael Petrie, D.C.
Spine and Joint Center