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All of the Facts About Spinal Decompression and Your Chiropractic Treatment

The spine is one of the most influential parts of the body. It holds your body upright, controls parts of the nervous system, and is the main support structure for your body. Without a healthy spine, tons of problems can occur, from chronic pain to migraines. Contrary to popular belief, the issues are vast and affect more parts of the body than just the back. If you have suffered from back pain, chronic pain, migraines, and other spine-related issues, then a chiropractic service may be able to assist you. One service, in particular, that’s great is spinal decompression. This service allows those who do not want to go through a more rigorous treatment or surgery an alternative to help relieve pain. Here at Spine and Joint Center, located in Oakland Park, Florida, we offer spinal decompression whether you only have back pain or have a severe condition. To learn more about spinal decompression and how it may be able to provide you with relief, keep reading.


How Does Spinal Decompression Work?

To understand spinal decompression, we have to break down spinal compression first. Humans have vertebrae packed with water. This water gives the body room to move around comfortably without any pain or restrictions. However, as humans age, the water in the vertebra starts to leak out, otherwise known as spinal compression. When this happens, regular movements become more painful, your motions become restricted, and you lose flexibility. While this leakage is not too preventable, you can put a small halt to it by putting less pressure on your spine in everyday activities. Although, this is a lot easier said than done. There is good news, though. With spinal decompression, you can help get some of your range of motion back and get rid of some pain. The decompression treatment will stretch out the vertebrae and allow some of the water to get back in. As it stretches, the body acts as a vacuum and sucks in as much water as it can.


Who Can Benefit From Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression is a treatment that anyone can get regardless of pain levels and conditions. However, it helps those who are struggling with pain the most. Conditions such as sciatica, chronic pain, back or neck pain, muscle weakness, nerve pain, and tingling or numbness are among those most benefitted from spinal decompression. People who do not want to go through with spinal surgery can also benefit from this form of treatment. Spinal surgery is often an option in the more severe cases of pain; however, many people who chose to do spinal decompression instead have found relief without the intense surgery.


What Does the Average Appointment Look Like?

If you think spinal decompression may be able to assist you, we’ll break down how an average appointment goes. When you arrive at Spine and Joint Center, located in Oakland Park, Florida, you will be placed into a harness. The harness is so you can get as much out of the decompression as possible. During the compression, you may have a sensation that your spine is lengthening or stretched, don’t panic, this means that the decompression is working. Your discs are stretched to relieve pressure and aid in the spinal decompression process. Throughout the procedure, you can expect to be pain-free and have time to relax for 30 minutes. If at any point in the treatment you feel uncomfortable or in pain, you can always stop the device. We want you to feel comfortable first and foremost. If the treatment isn’t for you, that’s fine. We would rather stop and reevaluate than you sit through something painful.


Having a healthy spine is ideal; however, as we age, the ability to maintain it’s health becomes more challenging. As much as want to be able to fight our bodies’ functions, it’s next to impossible to put a complete stop to the water leaking. But back pain and discomfort doesn’t have to be your reality.

With spinal decompression, you can find relief and get your range of motion back. To learn more about spinal decompression and our other services here at Spine and Joint Center, located in Oakland Park, Florida, give our team a call today at (954) 360-8685.