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5 Ways Acupuncture Can Benefit Your Overall Wellbeing

Holistic healing approaches can improve your overall well-being when your body’s Qi, or energic system, is imbalanced. When your body’s Qi is imbalanced, your body cannot perform or heal properly, leaving you fatigued and prone to injuries. To help balance your body’s Qi, the Spine and Joint Center uses the holistic care approach of acupuncture to harmonize the body’s Qi. Acupuncture uses fine needles to improve the body’s balance by driving physiological responses. The Spine and Joint Center believes acupuncture can be a holistic healing approach to help individuals with both their physical and mental health. Continuing reading to learn 5 ways how acupuncture can benefit your overall wellbeing! 



  • Reduced Inflammation


Research shows that acupuncture can reduce inflammation in the back, shoulders, and neck. The fine needles are put onto trigger points, which stimulates the nerves, activating the body’s natural painkillers to reduce inflammation. Research has shown that acupuncture stimulates neural pathways that leads to anti-inflammatory responses. For clients suffering from sciatica, acupuncture can be a safe way to receive treatment! At the Spine and Joint Center, we believe acupuncture is a treatment option designed to help stimulate nerves, muscles, and connective tissue which all play a role in activating your body’s natural painkillers.



  • Prevent Current and Future Injuries


Acupuncture has a history of being a sports-injury aid, as it was developed to treat injuries suffered during martial arts matches. Today, acupuncture is used to treat numerous types of physical injuries, both sport-related and naturally occurring problems. Acupuncture points can be used to address the injury and associated pain to properly restore balance and harmony in your body. Since the skin is the source of injury-related pain, acupuncture treats the deeper muscle tissues that are in the skin to reduce the pain. For clients who seem to have consistent pain in their musculoskeletal system, acupuncture can be a safe way to improve flexibility and ease the stress on the joints, helping prevent future injuries.


  • Boosts Your Immune System

While acupuncture can help treat and prevent injuries, it also can naturally boost your immune system! By using influencing and manipulating your body’s natural energy flow, acupuncture reduces the energy channel blockages in your body. These energy channel blockages can be a reason why your body may be more prone to illness or injuries. Acupuncture can increase your white blood cell count, which helps your body fight off infections and illnesses. So, acupuncture doesn’t only help fix your physical ailments, but your internal health as well!


  • Decreased Stress

Clients who have received acupuncture have said that while it also reduces inflammation, it also has helped them manage their stress better. According to studies, acupuncture even helps stabilize blood pressure, relax muscles, increase blood circulation, and balance your breathing. Acupuncture allows your body’s Qi to get in alignment, meaning both your physical and mental health can improve and strengthen together!


  • Better Sleep Quality

By reducing inflammation and stress, your body will be able to rest more soundly and with less interruptions in the middle of the night. Furthermore, acupuncture has also been shown to help treat advanced sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea. Your body’s Qi is strengthened, meaning that you can enjoy deeper sleep, and wake up feeling rejuvenated rather than fatigued before your day has even begun. The less pain in your body and stress on your mind allows you to sleep soundly and prepare yourself to conquer tomorrow!

Contrary to popular belief, acupuncture does not hurt. This non-invasive technique can be a holistic approach to treating back and neck pain, which can help improve athletic performance and overall health. Acupuncture is just one of the many treatment options that the physicians at the Spine and Joint Center of Fort Lauderdale have been utilizing over the past three decades!


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