5 Signs That A Chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale Can Benefit You

Experiencing back pain may seem common as we get older. But it doesn’t need to be. A bad back isn’t a rite of passage to adulthood and we shouldn’t welcome it or expect it. The good news is that if you have a bad back, neck, or shoulders, a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale can help you. Even if you do not feel pain but feel tightness or tingling, the Spine and Joint Center can help. 

Pain and discomfort aren’t always signs that it’s time to see a chiropractor. There are many reasons to visit a chiropractor. In fact, keep reading to learn five signs that a chiropractor may be able to benefit you.

You Have Chronic Pain

The first sign is one of the more aggressive ones to look out for, chronic pain. Chronic pain can be in several areas, too, from the lower back to the neck. A lot of upper body pain can get resolved with the help of our chiropractors. Even some of the pain you experience from the hips down can all relate to your spine. 

Our bones and nervous system are all connected throughout the body. So, any pain you feel in one area can easily transfer to others. If you have chronic muscle or joint pain in your upper body, it may come down to you needing a spinal alignment. The alignment essentially aligns the entire body, relieving the pain you feel from the neck down. Each session with a chiropractor should be able to bring you closer to relief.

You Lead an Active Life

It may sound weird hearing that an active life may require you to see a chiropractor. But not in the way that you think. Leading an active and exercise-filled life is what we’re supposed to do. The human body isn’t supposed to sit all day, every day. However, the body undergoes a lot of stress when we are constantly moving it and strengthening it. Even if you do not feel more pain than soreness from the gym, a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale could benefit you. Our services can provide your muscles and joints with some relaxation or relief.

You Have Migraines or Chronic Headaches

The occasional migraine or headache may not raise any suspicions or concerns. But, if you are experiencing this kind of pain more frequently, then it could be the result of your spine not being aligned. Many people assume migraines or headaches come from loud noises, hangovers, and dehydration. However, if it’s chronic, that’s likely not the case. If every other treatment you have tried for head pain isn’t working, a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale might be the solution you have been after.

You Sit for Long Hours

It may seem unusual to seek chiropractic help for sitting for long hours. After all, don’t most people sit for long hours at a time? And while the answer is yes, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get chiropractic treatments too. Sitting for long timeframes can make the joints and back stiff. Not sure how? Think about what you do at work for one minute. You are likely typing on a computer, hunching over. You might also be limited with how you can position yourself. Not only does all of this encourage bad posture, but bad back health. If this sounds like you, then you’ll definitely want to see a chiropractor sooner than later. 

Your Legs Have Shooting Pain

Back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain are what we tend to think of when we think of the chiropractor’s office. However, leg pain, or Sciatica, is a common reason why people seek chiropractic help. This type of leg pain shoots up the leg, making it feel tingly and weak in the process. If you struggle with this pain, you might assume you have to live with it. But that’s not the case. Our team can help you find treatment and relief. 

The Spine and Joint Center Can Help!

Not sure if a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale can help you? Reach out to our team at the Spine and Joint Center to see if we can treat you. You may be surprised to find out just how many conditions and types of pain we can help with. To learn more or book an appointment, contact us here (https://spineandjointcenterfortlauderdale.com/contact-us/) or give our team a call at (954) 360-8927.