5 Facts You Should Know About Sciatica

Many people are unaware of what Sciatica is. But here at the Spine and Joint Center, our chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale sees people come in with Sciatica all of the time. 

You might not realize it, but you probably know or have met at least one person who struggles with this condition. Sciatica affects between 10 and 40% of the population. We give this range as Sciatica may not affect someone now, but it could become a means of pain later in life.MAny people don’t even realize they have it until they check with a doctor to see why pain has been so consistent. With that said, here are five facts you should know about Sciatica.

Height and Weight Impact Sciatica

Many medical conditions are a result of genetics or lifestyle choices. But, Sciatica is unique in that height and weight can impact it and how it affects you. Those who are taller or heavier may find that they are at an increased risk of Sciatica. While the pain varies from person to person, those who have Sciatica due to being overweight and from a disc herniation are at an even higher risk of needing surgery for their Sciatica pain.

Exercise Can Help Sciatica

Whenever we are in pain, the usual remedy is medicine, treatment, and always rest. Our doctors always encourage us to take it easy and allow our bodies to heal. And for most things, this is the best advice you can get. But Sciatica is a little different. Exercise can actually benefit you and improve your pain. The more you exercise, the stronger and more flexible you get. As a result, you can expect fewer symptoms as you recover.

Chiropractors Can Treat Sciatica

There is no permanent solution to Sciatica. But there are things you can do to help minimize pain. Some people jump right to surgery, especially if the pain is excruciating. However, there are other treatment and pain relief options that you can try first. One of these options is seeing a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale. A chiropractor will stretch you out and give you exercises to do that can ease the pain. As mentioned above, the stronger and more flexible your sciatic nerve gets, the better you will feel. Going to a chiropractor can ensure you do the correct exercises to help with this.

Medical Emergencies Are Rare But Happen

Most people who suffer from Sciatica can go about their daily lives. There is usually some pain here and there, but they can lead normal lives. But it’s critical to know that medical emergencies do happen. 

Some examples of medical emergencies are:

  • genital numbness
  • worsening neurological symptoms
  • bladder incontinence
  • & more

However, it’s also vital to keep in mind that some of these emergencies could result from other underlying conditions or medical problems. So it’s best to speak with your doctor about your options to see what’s best for you!

Chiropractic Treatment Varies

Sciatica can occur from several different spine and back problems. The treatment you receive will depend on the root problem. This goes for both chiropractic treatment from our chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale and any surgical options you pursue. The treatment will work on the area causing Sciatica and the Sciatica pain itself. If you are unsure of where the pain came from or why you have it, we can help you figure it out. Our chiropractic clinic at Spine and Joint Center has the necessary equipment to diagnose you and identify the problem.

The Spine and Joint Center Can Help!

If you have Sciatica or are suspicious of having it, keep in mind that you are not alone. Many people have Sciatica presently, and many more will have it in the future. Also, keep in mind that there are treatment options available. We know the shooting pain is unbearable sometimes or less than ideal, but there are ways to lessen it. Whether you decide to jump into surgery or try out a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale, pain relief is possible. 

To learn more about how a chiropractic clinic can help, check out the Spine and Joint Center website (https://spineandjointcenterfortlauderdale.com/about-us/).  

Or give our team a call today at (954) 360-8685. We can also set you up with an appointment if you would like to try a chiropractic session.