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What Kinds of Chiropractic Treatment Options Do You Have?

The idea of getting a spinal adjustment either sounds relaxing or terrifying to people. Some cannot wait to get their back cracked and rearranged, while others are hesitant and fear the worst. Whatever side of the coin you are on, it’s vital to know that a chiropractor has other forms of treatment besides adjustments. Adjustments remain one of the more well-known and utilized treatment methods, but there are many others used as well. Some treatment plans include more than one treatment method, too. But, it all depends on every unique situation. If you have been avoiding the chiropractor out of fear of an adjustment, it’s time to reconsider. At Spine and Joint Center, our chiropractors in Fort Lauderdale are here to help you. Whatever your concerns are about treatment, we will be sure to listen and find the ideal treatment plan for you. If you are curious about what other kinds of treatment forms there are, keep reading. We explain some of the different ways you can find relief. Read More

What Can a Chiropractic Clinic in Fort Lauderdale Help You With?

Some people are familiar with chiropractors, but most people assume all they do is crack your back. While your local chiropractic clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Spine and Joint Center, can crack your back for you, they can also do so much more. Chiropractic assistance doesn’t just stop at the back region. Your chiropractor can help you with several issues relating to a variety of body parts. From the neck down to your legs, chiropractors have the magic touch for more than just the back. If you have been experiencing any pain and have not found relief, a chiropractor may be what’s missing from your life. Sometimes medication isn’t the only solution, and other times it doesn’t work at all. When that happens, it’s time to think outside of the box. Let us break down all of the ways a chiropractic clinic in Fort Lauderdale can help you, besides back pain. Read More