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What are Some of the Conditions a Chiropractor Can Treat?

Everyone knows one person who goes to a chiropractor or who has gone to a chiropractor. What everyone talks about is how great the feeling is of having the bones and joints cracked or popped or being stretched properly. While yes, most people enjoy the experience, they don’t just go to get a nice back cracking, although, we are sure there are a few people here and there who do that. If you have never been to a chiropractor and are looking into it, then you may be wondering what kind of conditions and pain they can even treat. There are two answers to this question, the short answer, and the long answer. The short answer is that chiropractors can treat anything that is influenced or caused by the spine. But for the more specific answer, you are going to have to continue reading below. But whatever your condition is or wherever your pain is, you can rest assured that you are in good hands at South Florida Spine and Joint Center.

Migraine Headaches

This one may come as a shock to some. With chiropractors being predominantly known for the back and body, it may be surprising to hear that they can also treat parts of the body above the shoulders, namely the head. This is because migraines are oftentimes caused by spinal issues. This may come as an even bigger shock as many people assume their migraine is a temporary problem caused by loud noises or dehydration. However, with a chiropractor adjustment, you can find some relief. The adjustment will relieve some of the built-up pressure that is being placed on the nervous system, making the spinal health improved in general, thus improving the parts of the body that are affected such as the head.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is by far one of the worst problems to deal with. It’s persistent and frustrating. You may feel as if you have tried everything but trust us when we say you haven’t truly tried everything for it until you see a chiropractor. This is because chronic pain is a nervous system problem. Sure, it may not be fully cured or stopped after one appointment, or even several appointments. But, the point is that you will feel much better and be relieved from a lot of the pain. We even offer treatments through hand movements that can result in better circulation. Another key to relieving chronic pain for many patients.


Sciatica is not the most common kind of pain; however, to those, it affects it is very real to them. This pain is one that starts in the buttocks or legs and shoots up. Not only is sitting painful but also normal activities such as standing or walking. It truly can make daily life more difficult for many. The thing about this condition is that it isn’t even the pain that makes it difficult, but the constant numbness and weakness in the legs that patients feel. While the pain does travel throughout the body, it can be fixed with one body part being approach: the spine. With as simple realignment the patient can feel a lot of relief and resume daily activities with significantly less pain. Once the spinal pressure is relieved the body will be less tense and see a reduction in pain. This treatment has also been known to help patients with other symptoms such as anxiety.

If you or a loved one has been affected by any of the above conditions or any other forms of pain, then seeing a chiropractor such as South Florida Spine and Joint Center may be the solution for you. This is especially true for those who either do not have medication for these pain and condition or do not want to take medication. Whatever scenario you fall into, our team can assist you. We are made up of a team of experts in the field who know exactly how to properly align the spine and provide some pain relief. To learn more about South Florida Spine and Joint Center, and our many services, give us a call today at (561) 686-3201. We are looking forward to helping you find pain relief!

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How a Chiropractor Can Help You with Leg Pain

Leg pain affects many Americans, with the different kinds of pain ranging in severity. Usually, when leg pain occurs the average thought process is to rest and take it easy for a few days. This is never a bad route to go; however, there are other methods of treatment out there that are much more efficient. Seeing your local chiropractor, for instance, is a great method of treatment for all kinds of pain, including leg pain. Chiropractors not only have the magic touch to help you with your pain, but they may also be able to help you prevent it in the future and tell you why the pain occurred in the first place. You may find that the pain can be avoided with something as simple as drinking more water, or maybe it’s more complicated and you have an injury. Either way, it’s always good to be in the know about the state of your health. These kinds of problems only get worse when they aren’t addressed. By visiting a chiropractor, such as a member of our staff at South Florida Spine and Joint Center, your pain can be relieved and prevented in the future.

A chiropractor’s main job is to treat or care for any ailment that comes from the spin. Something many don’t know is that often leg pain comes from the spine, making it treatable by a chiropractor. We tend to associate leg pain with injuries such as broken bones; however, leg pain does not always mean the physical bone or joint is injured. This is great news for those who do suffer from chronic leg pain. Instead of dealing with a cast and potential surgery, you get to relax while your chiropractor at South Florida Spine and Joint Center fixes you up.

What Exactly is Leg Pain?

Leg pain can stem from a variety of issues; however, if you have not recently suffered from a fall or done any sort of strenuous activity then we most likely will be able to rule out any strains, fractures, or tears. This boils the leg pain down to a nerve and spinal issue. These kinds of leg pains are known to be felt around the thighs, lower leg, buttocks, and calves, or even in multiple locations at once. These areas are all used frequently making day to day activities more difficult with pain present. Although pain is felt differently from person to person, most leg pain is described as either weakness, throbbing, numbness, or tingling. All very uncomfortable feelings that are bound to become a big distraction over time.

What Does a Leg Pain Appointment Look Like?

When people find out that a chiropractor may be the solution to their leg pain problems, they often are curious about how an appointment is run. First things first, you are going to need to come on in for an initial consultation. This consultation will allow the chiropractor to talk to you about your pain to get a better idea of what you are dealing with. We also will evaluate the leg by doing x-rays and an exam. By doing all of this we can best determine what method of treatment will be most effective for you and your pain. You will most likely be given some suggestions of things you can do at home such as different exercises and stretches. However, the real magic happens on the day of your legitimate appointment. At this appointment, the chiropractor will be able to perform a spinal adjustment on you. This usually helps many patients have some relief, although, depending on your pain and situation will change how often you are recommended to come in.

If you or a loved one is experiencing leg pain and has decided that enough is enough, come on into South Florida Spine and Joint Center. At your consultation, we will be able to evaluate the legs and figure out what’s going on and what kind of treatment is best for your unique situation. Don’t let pain ruin the fun things in life, reach out to our chiropractor office located in Palm Beach Gardens today. We can be reached by phone at (561) 686-1622.