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Sports Injuries | Sports Injury Pain

Can Chiropractors Help Out with Sports-Related Injuries?

Part of being an athlete is being exposed to rigorous workouts, a strict training schedule, and potential injury. No matter if you currently participate in sports or did at one point in the past, your body can still have taken a beating. The best way to prevent injuries and recover from strains put on the body is to see a chiropractor from South Florida Spine and Joint Center. The chiropractor’s job is to treat and help prevent injuries of the neck, back, shoulder, knee, and ankle. We do this through adjustment of the spine and by making sure it is properly aligned by using a hands-on approach. The point of the alignment is to ensure the bones are where they are supposed to be, which can prevent any unnecessary muscle tension throughout the body. This kind of muscle tension is common especially among athletes who put tremendous amounts of pressure on their bodies. While this is unavoidable, it’s important to keep in mind that the less of it there is, the less likely it is for an injury to occur. Read More

Physical Therapy | Physical Therapist

Can Physical Therapy in Fort Lauderdale Help You?

Physical therapy can help you get back to your normal activities, much quicker than if you didn’t have any physical therapy at all. Obviously, your doctor feels that you need physical therapy for your back issues and that it would benefit you, greatly. Otherwise, he or she wouldn’t have given you a prescription for physical therapy. So, why would you not seek out physical therapists in Fort Lauderdale? One of the best facilities for back issues is The Spine and Joint Center of Fort Lauderdale. Read More