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Physical Therapist | Back Pain Relief

Here’s Why You Should Seek a Physical Therapist for Your Back Pain!

Back pain due to spinal conditions or injuries is widespread and many people are trying to find effective and affordable methods to alleviate that pain. Many individuals think that the first thing they should turn to is surgery or different types of pain medications. However, there are less invasive ways to handle severe back pains, such as seeing a physical therapist in Fort Lauderdale for daily physical therapy sessions. Read More

Sciatica Treatment | Sciatica Pain Relief

Treat Your Sciatica Right Here in Fort Lauderdale, FL!

Sciatica is a leg pain that is caused by pinched nerves. These pinched nerves are located in the lower back and transfer into the lower half of the body, creating severe aches that can be frustrating to everyday tasks. Many compare the pain to toothaches, which ranges from extremely uncomfortable to excruciating. It is essential for those who are suffering from sciatica to find a treatment option that will help to alleviate the discomfort. What is the best treatment for sciatica in Fort Lauderdale? While there are many options available, there are choices that are both non-invasive and not medicated. Read More