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12 Ways to Reduce Back Pain

Why a Physical Therapist in Fort Lauderdale Can Help with Spinal Issues

If you’re suffering from low back pain and you’ve tried a bunch of pain meds that just provide a temporary fix, you may benefit from physical therapy. After all, when you’re in so much pain, you probably feel like lying on your sofa instead of dealing with the problem. And who could blame you!  But, in reality, that is probably the worst thing that you can do. Getting up and moving is one of the best things you can do to relieve the pain and inflammation in your low back. In researching alternatives to medication, you might think that you should turn to surgery. But you should know that surgery is not guaranteed to work either as many can attest to. Luckily, at The Spine and Joint Center, we have far less invasive ways to handle severe low back pain, such as seeing one of our experienced physical therapists in our Fort Lauderdale office. Read More